It wasn’t just a career...
for her, it was home

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I’m so pleased to introduce you to the Candice Clark Collective.

Everything you will find here is fuelled to inspire and support you in creating a career that you love (well...that, yoga, and loads of green tea!). I truly, 100% believe, that careers can be exciting, authentic and totally fulfilling.

It is possible to have a career that you glow in, one that feels like you right down to your core.

Pipe dream? Nope! I am here to show you how.



As a recruiter turned career coach, I have spent years carefully crafting my own career, as well as the careers of many other exceptionally talented women (have a sneak peek at my experience here).

This means I have loads of juicy insights, knowledge and tried and tested tools that will propel you into a career you love!

It is my foundational belief that careers crafted authentically can be incredibly fulfilling, and hugely exciting.

Leaping out of bed in the morning, and into a career that energizes you and allows you to work from your soul, from your unique core? That’s the sweet spot right there, my friend!

Goodness, I can’t wait to show you how!

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