Stand in your truth,
create a career you love

Creating a career you love is not a pipe dream. 

Taking charge of your career is courageous, and incredibly inspiring. There is freedom in a career that feels like you, and creating a career you love is one helluva fun, creative adventure (for the very curious – watch how I’m doing it here).

So where to begin?

My advice to you is to start with an initial brainstorming consult.

It is a structured session, where I will provide you with loads of insight on your unique set of questions and career ideas. It is the best way to start our coaching relationship, and if a further coaching package is required, we will use this session to ensure we create a package tailored specifically for you. This initial brainstorming consult will help you take a massive step closer to your dream career.

Take the first step towards career clarity and direction

Book your R1 050/hr Career Brainstorming Consult

The pre-packaged coaching packages below, consist of weekly 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions with me, a creative e-work book to complement our activities, membership to my private online community for additional support (hint: there are some seriously talented and wonderful ladies there), and a bundle of other uniquely designed tools and resources.

These packages have been carefully designed and tested to ensure you have loads of fun, learn important new skills, and that you only need to work through these programs once!

Yes, that’s right – once you have these skills under your belt, you can reuse them for future career changes and career decision-making.

As a career coach, I am in the business of changing and empowering lives, not keeping you stuck in a rut. 


There are regular career talks, workshops and online events hosted which provide a great introduction to my core coaching concepts. 

By joining our online community, you will receive exclusive invitations to these events and workshops

where I share some seriously huge insider secrets and advice you can action in your career straight away!

Join the community! (1)

Pop your details here, and join our incredible community of talented women that are rocking their lives in a BIG way and crafting careers they thrive in.

It’s the perfect place to gather insight, and meet other wonderful like-minded ladies.

I mean, what’s not to love right?! As a VIP member of this community, you also receive 10% off your first coaching session with me, so let’s connect!