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The most important way to restore balance (and a FREE gift from me!)

If you’re anything like me, you know the importance of self-care – you hear it spoken about in books, magazines, on social media… At nauseum. 😷 But really, practically, how does one even use it? And why care?

It can feel so superfluous. And it can feel like yet another thing to tick off our ever-growing to-do lists. But it’s not this.

Self-care is anything that you do from a place of self-love, and an affirmation of your self-worth. Sometimes this is actual events (i.e. booking in that much needed pedi over the weekend), and sometimes it’s moment to moment decisions (i.e. not taking that call you’re not ready for). Self-care is far from superfluous.

It’s probably the one thing I see saving many, many peeps from burn out, tipping into pure, rushed panic, and restoring that oh-so-NB balance needed weekly.

Self-care affirms your worth regardless of what is happening (or not happening) in your life right now. It places you at front and centre of your own life. Sounds obvious right? But goodness, gracious are we (myself included) terrible at this, if left to our own devices. I read an article recently that explained so well, that the only person’s happiness we need to care about is our own. I wasn’t sure I agreed with it at first, but in the context of self-care, this makes a heck of a lot of sense.

Putting your happiness, and your well-being front and centre can ONLY have positive spin-off’s for your family, your team, your colleagues, your friendship circle and your business if you’re a business owner. When your well is full, you can pour from it into other’s lives and what others need from you, so beautifully.

So it is for this exact reason that a Self-Care Toolkit has become one of my favourite go-to’s to make 100% sure I am always focused on my own wellbeing, happiness and health. What is this, I hear you ask? 😉 Well my sweet, this month instead of a vid, I’m giving you a FREE workbook to design your very own Self-Care Toolkit! Whoop!

This will, 100% ensure that self-care becomes not a word flung around when we’re on the verge of burn-out, but an activity that integrates seamlessly into our lives.

Ready to design your own? You can collect your very own FREE copy by clicking on the “get connected” icon here, and then popping me a mail here to let me know you’ve subscribed!

Love, balance & sanity 😉,
Cands x

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