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Who are the people you need most on your career clarity journey?

You – yes you – are sitting on a GOLD MINE! A network of incredible people that can be leveraged authentically and beautifully to support you in your career or biz clarity journey.

When we feel stuck, in a rut or just completely uninspired about what direction to take in our careers or businesses, we can feel awfully isolated. I remember being in this phase and thinking:

“I am definitely the only one feeling this way. Where did I miss the memo on how to do this?”

It felt like everyone just knew the answers, and I was on the outside looking in. With no clue on how to figure it out. But figure it out I had to! I needed to unlock the right career for me.

On the other side, looking back on it now… There’s something I know to be very true. Your network, and more specifically your special group of trusted career or biz advisors can be the difference between always looking in, or actually bringing those career and biz dreams to life!

These are the peeps that you must, must start seeking out and drawing closer to.

1.) The Professional

Now, I’m not saying this because I’m a coach. I sought this out too, way before I was a coach. You need professional guidance to figure this out.

Find a Career Coach, a Business Coach or Strategist, a therapist or someone similar whose primary purpose in your life is to support you professionally in your career clarity journey. Find them, assess if your heart resonates with them and then book them. They will grow you. It will be tough. Stick it out.

2.) The Sounding-Board

This is the most emotionally available, yet logically minded person you know. Someone who knows you well. And someon

e who will let you cry, stamp your feet, get frustrated and then tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. They are not hard or overly critical. But do not let you wallow in frustration for longer than what is necessary.

3.) The Cheerleader

The friend that thinks you are just perfect! The friend or partner or family member that reminds you of every single one of your good qualities. The one that brings you back to your light and all you have to offer this world. They will keep you focused on your heart beat, and that is possibly one of the most NB things to be aware of when figuring out the right career or biz for you.

4.) The Risk-Taker (aka: the one that always makes you stay for one more cocktail!)

This friend is a laugh-a-minute, and the one person you feel you can totally let your hair down with. They urge you to take risks. To calm down. To let go. To not take life too seriously. You’re going to be wrestling with a lot of serious things on this journey – you must balance it out with this very, very special peep!

5.) The Got-the-T-shirt Contact

NB. NB. NB. The person that has achieved what you’re looking to achieve. They are in the role you want. And / or, they’ve built, and are leading the business you want. And if you aren’t clear on what that role or career is right now, hold on – once you start to get clearer, you’ll start to get a better sense of who this person is. They’re a mentor. But a really, really, really efficient one. They’ve made the mistakes, and figured it out. They can give you the secrets and shortcuts that no one else can. Not everyone is willing to fulfil this role, and you might have to pay for it – but they are out there. Find your unicorn! And stay close, very close, to them.


BONUS: I’ve just shared my top 3 tips in finding your Got-the-T-Shirt-Contact here.


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Get out that journal, and note down who these 5 peeps are going to be. If you don’t know all of them right now, that’s ok. Make a commitment to have your nominations down by the end of this week.


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