But is it time?

Yes, it's time sweet cheeks!

It’s time you reach for a career that leaves you feeling connected, fulfilled and clear.

Leave behind the yucky stuff, and get the tools and support you need quickly! Actionable advice that gets you on the right path, a path filled with inspiration, is literally one step away. Promise.

It is my foundational belief that careers crafted authentically can be incredibly fulfilling, and hugely exciting. Leaping out of bed in the morning, and into a career that energizes you and allows you to work from your soul, from your unique core? That’s the sweet spot right there, my friend!

Goodness, I can’t wait to show you how!


I began dreaming of my ideal career when I was 15 years old...

Talk about an over-achiever right?  I knew from even back then that I wanted to support others in becoming the best versions of themselves.

Once I completed my Honours Degree in Psychology, I quickly climbed the ladder in Human Resources, but I couldn’t shake that gnawing feeling that I had a whole lot more to offer…

So I took a massive step back from my career, and asked myself the HUGE question (one I had no idea how to answer):

“What is it that you want to be doing Candice?”

Truthfully, I had no idea! But, I was determined to answer it; so I scoured books, mentors, courses and TED talks - and spent loads of time on my yoga mat. Thank goodness for wonderful coaches and therapists too! Oh, and not forgetting good ol’ belly laughter (that can cure almost everything!).  

Through this process I realized how much I actually already knew about creating a career that I would love.

It was – as some would say – staring me right in the face! I was in recruitment, hello?! I spent every waking moment shaping careers.

I knew who was successful and why. I knew who got the best jobs and why.

It suddenly dawned on me, that I needed to take all these years of experience and turned it on it’s head. My career exploded quickly after that. Things just happened! And that my friend, is because synergy is the universe saying "YES!".

It’s important to know that I certainly don’t consider myself lucky.

Nope! It's not luck that has gotten me to this space in my career. I created it. I worked for it, I strategized for it, I planned every single move using all the knowledge and skills I already had.

I made it happen for me.

Because I am worth a career I love. And now, I’m ready (so ready!) to share with you all the knowledge, and insight I’ve built up and put into practice in my own career and the careers of my special clients that have trusted me to support them in shaping theirs. So… are you ready?

The things I love

My kitten "Hannibal" (a real little terror!), and his sidekick (aka my hubs)
A yoga sesh with the sunrise, and my trusty mat
Exploring forgotten spaces in my hometown and abroad
Rosé, and nights out on the town (the kind that you pack slip slops for)
Laughing hard at seriously cheesy comedy
Not taking life too seriously, because wonderful things truly do happen for wonderful people

My fancy career bio..

Upon completion of her Honours Degree in Psychology, Candice spent her early career in talent acquisition with a recognised listed entity; and was quickly recognized for her leadership capability. 

By the age of 24, she was tasked with supervising a program team across the country; and by the time she had turned 25, she had received a CEO commendation for a high profile Human Resources project that she had lead.

Candice won her first corporate award for exceptional performance in talent acquisition by the age of 26; and went on to work in the middle east and north Africa region thereafter, delivering successfully on a number of high profile positions and projects.

She was consistently recognized for exceptional performance, and was awarded with a nomination as a finalist for the LinkedIn Talent awards in October 2016. 

With her stellar track record in talent acquisition, Candice is well-recognized as a knowledge authority in her area of expertise both locally and internationally.

In November 2016, she received her Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification, and will be completing her Masters Degree in 2018.